Mount Meru


Mount Meru is a spectacular volcanic mountain and part of the Arusha National park eco-system. The trek offers dramatic scenes of the volcanic crater and ash cone; opportunity for excellent views of Kilimanjaro in the distant; and also exciting walks among wild animals requiring an armed ranger to keep them at a healthy distance away from you. Large number of crowds are less common and you will pass tropical forest and bushy terrain before sand, volcanic ash and rocks lead the path to the top.  Mount Meru is also recommended for optimal acclimatizing before a Kilimanjaro expedition. Reaching ‘Socialist Peak’ at 4566m/14980ft is a fantastic achievement that conquers the 4<sup>th</sup> highest mountain in Africa while connecting you to nature – and yourself.

Safety first

Safety comes first when climbing any mountain. Therefore, your experience, personal physiology and health condition must be considered before expedition start. Our Mount Meru guidelines include a complete gear list to help you prepare for a comfortable expedition and will provide more information about safety and the trek.

‘Adventure’ vs. ‘Comfort’

Fair Travel™ offers an ‘Adventure’ style of climb – where you carry your own gear (~15 kg or 33 lbs) – or a ‘Comfort’ style of climb where our porters, cooks and guides make sure you can focus on the trek with quality of experience, great food and minimal physical strain.

Your guide and armed ranger

Your designated Fair Travel™ guide is the most qualified person on Mount Meru, professionally trained to make the right decisions and take you safely to the top and back. Your guide works with a hand picked experienced crew consisting of assistant guides, cooks and porters. The armed ranger is mandatory and provided by the National Park according to their regulations.


Porters are the heart and soul of any mountain. There are few experiences as humbling as being passed by porters on a climb. On Mount Meru they carry food, gas, water and equipment to ensure a comfortable climb and increase chances of reaching the top for you. They are certainly among the hardest working men in Tanzania and we make sure they are rewarded properly for their efforts.


Momella route starts at Momella gate inside Arusha National Park and is the only official route to the summit today. We recommend 4 days to allow slow pace and more time to enjoy the mountain and the natural settings. But an intense 3-day expedition can also suffice if you are willing to accept the extra physical and mental straining.


You will sleep in huts with 2 bunk beds and sanitary facilities are available at each ranger station.

Your footprints

+ Fair salary and dignity for your guides, cooks and porters
+ National park fees help conservation
+ Food from local suppliers
+ Profits go to our social goals.