What’s Fair?


Fair Travel™ Tanzania is a non-profit tour company setup as a social enterprise with 100% charitable goals. This means that we depend on revenues from happy customers. It also means that we exist and work for the benefit of the local staff, economy, community and environment. ‘Social and environmental responsibility’ is not part of our business, it is the core. Why? Because people are dying prematurely of preventable causes due to poverty; our environment is being degraded although there are sustainable alternatives; and we believe that impoverished countries like Tanzania should keep profits and benefit from its own tourism. This way, monetary profits can benefit people and motivate us to protect and conserve the wildlife and environment that our future generations would also like to enjoy and benefit from – just the way we do.

So, by delivering amazing experiences with high value and service to our guests, we generate revenues that are used to support the local people and environment of Tanzania. We simply transform monetary profits from your visit into social and environmental profits.

Fair Travel Tanzania in a nutshell:

Budget overview of how traveler money is used

Budget shows where your money goes for a safari or Kilimanjaro expedition!

The graph above shows an estimate of where your money goes with Fair Travel™. We are a young company with very ambitious goals and mission. We don’t believe in ‘green-washing’ and the misuse of fashionable words like ‘eco’, ‘green’, ‘sustainable’, ‘responsible’ etc…instead we conduct our business with transparency. It’s easy to do so since there are no private owners at Fair Travel™ and we don’t need to hide anything from anyone. This means that we will tell you exactly how things are and where your money goes. In fact, we are the only Tanzanian (perhaps global) tour company giving you a full cost-breakdown in the itinerary we help build for you. Now, let’s have a closer look at the budget:

Fair salaries

Salaries account for around 20% of our costs. It is about people, not numbers. A company is fully responsible for its staff and their salaries. We make sure that our guides, drivers, cooks, porters and other staff are not dependent on tips/gratuities. Of course, if you like to tip our staff for exceptional service and quality, do so. But do it because it is what you heart wants, not what your conscience dictates. We know that any person prefers this way.

National Park fees

National park fees are high in Tanzania and make up approximately 30% of a safari or trekking cost. However, the revenues are essential to ensure the work of Tanzanian National Parks, TANAPA, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area authorities. Whether it is research, protection, anti-poaching, expansion of conservation areas or administration – their work help protect the natural resource that really needs protection. The fees are high, yes. But the cost of not protecting our environment and eco-systems will be much higher in the long term.

Local economy

Supporting local economy means spending the money in Tanzania. This lubricates the economy, builds it and benefits the people in the market, shop owners, small entrepreneurs and service providers in Tanzania. Any product or service that is available locally, without comprising the quality for our customers, is preferred. We won’t get you Pringles but can get you great local cassava and potato chips if you crave it.

Business development

The budgeted cost for business development involves marketing, capacity building and constant quality improvement. We want to grow as a business so we can receive more guests with the same outstanding quality, safety and value. This requires investments that will compete with our mission of helping the community in the short-term, but in the long-term we know that the more successful business we are, the more profits we can channel to increase our impact in Tanzania.

Our impact

Helping the local community to benefit from tourism money, so they value and protect environment, is our core passion. When the operational and fixed costs are reduced, there is a profit that every tour operator in the world gains. Fair Travel™ channels this profit to projects that are sustainable on the short, medium and long-term. We do so transparently so you can see for yourself how ‘…your footprints matter‘. After all, seeing is believing.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.