There are more than 120 different tribes in Tanzania. Our cultural excursions allow you to approach, discover and learn about some of the most fascinating of them. Our goal is to provide you with an insight of local people’s intriguing history, customs, values and cuisine. You will also learn how they face modern life challenges while maintaining traditions. Whether you dance with a Maasai, communicate in click language with a Hadza or giggle with a Datoga woman – you will certainly gain a deeper understanding of cultural nuances and form smiling memories. Ask us to organise a fully cultural trip or as part of your wildlife safari itinerary. Karibu Tanzania – Welcome to Tanzania!

The tribes

We have established cooperation with selected Maasai, Datoga and Hadza families. These are communities who allow us to bring visitors so they can benefit financially. Of course, they too, look for nice people to connect with so bring a smile.

Your guide

Your Fair Travel guide will ensure that you are always comfortable during your cultural adventures. Prior to your visit you will be briefed on local rules, which need to be respected, and any other information related to your visit. In Maasai and Hadza villages you will have an additional guide, speaking the language, sharing the culture and history of your hosts.


Lodge, hotel, guest house, home-stay and camping are available options for your accommodation. Standards differ but we make sure to customize the best alternative according to your preferences, length of stay and budget.


Food is a common denominator in human social activities. Whenever possible, we try to give you unique opportunities to discover traditional cuisine with fresh local ingredients that you can share with your host.

What to bring

A smile, courtesy, respect and good walking shoes if you want to join Hadza hunt in the bush.

Your footprints

+ Fair salary and dignity for your staff
+ Financial support for the tribe through agreed on visitors fees
+ Village development fees
+ Profits go to our social goals