Our philosophy


Fair Travel Tanzania™ is a non-profit tour operator with 100% charitable goals. As a registered and licensed company we are fully dependent on having satisfied customers. As a non-profit we are able to channel money to benefit local people (social profits) and protect nature (environmental profits).

Our philosophy is all about caring:

Care of customers:
We put our guests first. No business can last without satisfied customers. Since we plan to serve travelers for the next 300 years or so, we put mind and soul in every itinerary to fulfill your expectations of a life-time-experience with safety, quality and value.

Care of employees:
We see no difference between a human being in the USA, Germany, Australia, France, China, Sweden, India or Tanzania. So we make sure our staff can enjoy fair salaries and conditions that worker’s across the world are fighting for every day.

Care of environment:
National park fees support the work of thousands trying to conserve Tanzanian wildlife and environment. We encourage customers to choose camping safaris to avoid energy consuming and high waste producing hotels and lodges. Our cooks use LPG gas and bio waste briquettes when creating your delicious meals and baking. Use of available local materials and food, climate smart route planning and locally off-set CO2 emissions are obvious measures and we plan to go even further as we grow over the years… join our journey!

Care of local communities:
All profits earned by Fair Travel are designated to help improve the livelihood of local communities in conservation projects. in other words, we turn paper money profits into social and environmental profits. Sustainability is our highest priority when we channel funds to a project. That’s why projects must be planned, implemented and followed up with the involvement and empowerment of the community.

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